The Scissoring Insomniac

featuring Sybil Starr






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Sybil Starr needs to squeeze - even in her sleep! In this video, "The Scissoring Insomniac," Sybil's man comes to bed to find her asleep and scissoring the hell out of his pillow. Fed up with her silly slumber habit, he pulls it away from her - so she replaces the pillow with his head, absolutely devastating him with a brutal series of sensational scissors that satisfy her squeezing cravings! Sybil sleepily devours his skull in her powerful thighs, thrusting and snapping and crushing him into submission over and over again. When she finally wakes up fully and he tells her what happened, she is pissed he interrupted her - and takes to putting him through a renewed brutal barrage of head-popping scissor abuse! There are sleep walkers and sleep scissorers, and while it's dangerous to wake up the former, when the latter has legs like Sybil, it could be lethal!


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